Who We Are

We believe that church is the people and that the people are the church. We would love to have you be a part of the people who call themselves Grace Fellowship.

Our multigenerational approach is reflected throughout our ministry, aimed at meeting and addressing the needs before us and before you.  It is not the goal of Grace Fellowship to fill up your calendar, we know that your calendar is probably already full enough.  Our goal, however, is to introduce you to the One who desires to fill your life.  This is not done through programs or ministries but through truth.  The truth that grows in, and into, your life....the truth that truly sets you free

Who We Aim to Be

Grace Fellowship aims to be a Body of Believers Standing on the Truth of the Father, Meeting the World with the Embrace of the Son, and Trusting the Work of the Spirit to transform our lives. 

Weekly Worship Gatherings

Our weekly worship gathering takes place on Sunday mornings at 10:30, in The Hall, located at the Railhouse, 102 West Eufala Street in downtown Norman.  Our worship times are simple while the attitude and dress is casual. Gatherings usually last about an hour.  Families take part in worship together with children being dismissed just prior to the message.


Children gather on Sunday mornings during worship. Nursery and toddlers classes are open ten minutes prior to worship and four years olds through fifth graders are dismissed to their classes midway through worship. This format permits children to experience worship by watching the example of their parents.  In age group classes, children are then taught the same scripture as is covered by parents and teens in worship. Our hope is that discussions centered on the Sunday passage will take place on the way home and throughout the week between children and their parents.


In addition to worship attendance with parents, Middle and High Schoolers are encouraged to take part in periodic gatherings aimed at teenagers.  These gatherings usually involve some activity or service project. We regularly engage with kiva.org through our ongoing micro financing impact.